For 2 years I designed wallpapers, artworks, and screens at over 70 pizza express restaurants. The art direction for each project was sourced from the local area, highlighting the history of the location or notable person

Below are some of my favourite projects


Work completed at Creed Design

Birmingham | Typographer and Printer John Baskerville

Marketing Brochures

Sutton Coldfield | The Belfry Golf Course

Dublin | Rugby Heritage

Westminster | Letterpress Industry

New Malden | Sculptor Anthony Caro

Basingstoke | Fashion Designer Thomas Burberry

Brighton | Retro and Fairground Typography

Telford | Architect Thomas Telford

Swindon | James Bond Author Ian Fleming

Welwyn Garden City | Murphy Radio

Woking | Aircraft Manufacturer Martinsyde

Chris Day | Lichfield Graphic Design  

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