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Colour Square

Where Colour and Community Connect

The impact of color would transform the Market Square into a dynamic and inviting space that would beckon people to come and explore. It would stimulate the senses, awakening a renewed appreciation for the beauty of urban living

Colour Square_5.png

Samuel Johnson Birthplace coated in buttercup yellow



An open air art gallery, open 24-7

Colour Square_6.png

Baker’s Lane with pastel coloured facades

The addition of color in Lichfield would have a profound effect.
It would inspire creativity and promote a sense of playfulness that infuses the city with energy and positivity. It would spark conversation and invite connection, bringing people from all walks of life together to admire and appreciate the urban cityscape in a new way


Colour Square_3.png

Buildings with personality


Sit, relax and take in the colourful surroundings


Colour Square_4.png

A space to delight and mingle, to wander and wonder


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